Technical Documents

Additional system design information on hydronic heating and cooling, steam, plumbing and humidificiaton can be found on the JMP Study Hall!

Design Manuals  
ASHRAE Hybrid Geothermal Systems Download 
B&G TEH - Cooling Tower Pumping and Piping Download 
B&G TEH - Domestic Water Pressure Booster Download 
B&G TEH - Hydronic System Design with Bell & Gossett System Syzer Download 
B&G TEH - Parallel and Series Pump Application Download 
B&G TEH - Pump Selection for Building Service Systems Download 
B&G TEH - Variable Primary Flow Systems Download 
B&G TES - Steam Heat Exchanger Manual Download
B&G TES - Steam Pipe Sizing Charts Download
Domestic Pump Application and Sizing Download
Hoffman Specialty Steam Heating Systems Download
Hoffman Specialty Steam PRV Manual Download
Hoffman Specialty Steam Trap Manual Download
Reference Guidelines  
Cooling Tower Formulas and Tables Download 
Cooling Tower Water Quality Guidelines Download 
Pump Selection and Control Reference Guide Download 
White Papers  
Cooling Tower Life Cycle Costing Download
Design Strategies for Waterside Economizing Download
Domestic Water Pressure Booster Sizing Download
Efficiency Island Techinical Review Download
How to Pick a Centrifugal Pump Download
Variable Primary Chilled Water Systems Download
Variable Speed Pump Control and ASHRAE 90.1 Download
Modern Pump Selection Download